Naranfruit works under the basic principle of “quality”, for our products as well as our service.

Quality in our products

Our experts begin to monitor the farms the moment the fruit starts to appear on the tree. During the fruit’s ripening process we make periodic visits to the farms, selecting only the best fruit, which allows us to offer our clients a product of maximum quality.

The picking is carried out by teams of qualified professionals with experience, cutting each orange properly so that it has the best appearance, taking care to ensure that the fruit does not get damaged.

Once in our warehouse, the product undergoes a selection, cleaning and sizing process, along with the post-harvest phytosanitary treatment according to the regulation in force regarding Food Safety and the requirements of the client themselves and the target market.

Quality in our service

Our objective is to satisfy the needs of each client, from each market, therefore we are constantly adapting the products and processes. The quality service that we achieve is all down to a qualified human team and exhaustive control systems.

All of these principles make up the OBQF theory (Only Best Quality Fruit).

Naranfruit is accredited with the quality certificate Global-GAP and GRASP.